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Freedom you’ll find hard to believe.


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It’s hard to believe that if you’re over 60 and have an eligible property in Melbourne or Sydney, that you can find this kind of freedom. Homesafe Wealth Release® helps you free up the equity you have built up in your home, so you can use it, now, as you see fit.


Homesafe is not a reverse mortgage. With Homesafe Wealth Release® you receive cash today and when you decide to sell, Homesafe will receive its agreed share.


You retain full ownership of your home and live in it as you do now. If you wish you can renovate your home, or even rent it out.


It changes nothing about how you live in your home, but it can change everything about how you live your life.


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A smart, safe way to unlock the savings in your home

You still own the property and the right to 100% use of your home for as long as you wish. In fact, there's...

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